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Your wedding day is truly special, creating memories that will live with you for a lifetime. Whilst your photos are a wonderful way to display your day, nothing can capture those moments quite like a wedding video. As with anything creative, there is no one size fits all when it comes to your wedding video, meaning you can have your day recorded in a unique way that is individual to you. To help you navigate the many options available, Hertfordshire Wedding Videographer Adam of Creative Spark Films has broken down some of the better-known ones.




Whilst each videographer will likely have developed a style that is unique to them, most videographers will offer at least one or two of the more commonly known styles below.



One of the more popular styles, If you are a fan of movies this will be the perfect style for you! Designed to mimic a Hollywood movie, your videographer will capture all the emotions and drama, editing them together to tell the story of your wedding day (although not probably not in the same order that they happened). The colours and contrast of the day will likely be enhanced to fit with a movie aesthetic, along with minimal movement in how it’s captured.



If you are looking for a video to tell the story of the two of you, this will be the ideal option. Focusing on you as a couple, your videographer will really work to tell the story of you through various methods. Using audio from your speeches, focusing more on you two as as couple on the day rather than guests, capturing heirlooms or certain themes that tell how you met are just a few tactics a videographer might employ in order to create a more story-driven piece.


Short Form / Highlights Montage

Short form videos are exactly that, a short wedding video, usually lasting between 2-5 minutes. These videos are a highly edited version of your day, collecting together the highlights only. These are becoming more popular as they are perfect for social media sharing, and cut out all the parts your friends and family may not be bothered by. Your videographer will have to be creative in selecting the clips to showcase your day, and may offer a separate longer video of the ceremony and speeches. Note though that some videographers will only capture highlights and so you may not receive a full ceremony/speeches video. If this is important to you, make sure you enquire!


Documentary (Journalistic)

Another common videographer style is the documentary or journalistic approach. This is a more modern spin on the traditional style your parents may have had. Your videographer will edit your video showing your day unfold in the order it happened. This will be lightly edited in terms of colour and contrast, reflecting a realistic portrayal of your day. Generally the individual clips will be longer and the doc edit will include the ceremony and speeches within it. This means the video can be anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes (maybe even longer depending on how long your ceremony is!) so just be aware of this.


This is not an exhaustive list and you might find your videographer offers a style outside this group. You could perhaps ask for a more traditional style recording, one which mimics that of a friend of the family recording the whole day in detail (but with much better editing skills). Alternatively, you could opt for a vintage-inspired video, either recorded on an old fashioned camera or edited to recreate a sepia or black and white effect. If you want a truly unobtrusive film, you could seek out a videographer who offers a Guerrilla style recording, with a handheld camera and minimal equipment (like myself!).




The style your wedding is filmed in will usually dictate how your video will be edited, so speak with your videographer about how they prefer to edit their videos and make sure it matches your vision for your wedding video.



Some videographers will use sound captured on the day such as speeches or parts of the ceremony, whilst others may choose to have a music montage over your clips and others will use both. Alternatively, some videographers may lean into the journalistic style more by having interviews with your guests about how you met, etc.



Your videographers equipment choice will be ideally chosen for their style. If their preferred look includes smooth sweeping shots, or lots of tracking/following yourselves/guests as you move, you will probably see your videographer using a Steadicam. But if they want to create a more ‘on the fly’ style, their go-to might be a handheld camera. Speak to your videographer if you have a preference, from fast-paced (with a lot of movement) to a more natural pace (more static shots).



As with your wedding photos, there can be a big difference in the look of your final video. A more dynamic and bold look works perfectly with cinematic videos, but a soft, bright and light look can be ideal if you want something more romantic. Be sure to look at the ‘mood’ of the films from different videographers and get an idea of what you like as a couple.



Make sure to let your videographer know if there is a particular focus your want for your wedding video. Perhaps you want it family heavy, or to focus mostly on the ceremony, alternatively, maybe you want it more party focused showing you and your friends dancing the night away? If you have a particular requirement speak with the videographer before your day so that they can capture the right footage.


This is just a brief outline of videography styles and by no means the only options. New trends come along often and everyone is offering something slightly different. My best advice  when looking for your perfect videographer would be to check out their portfolio to make sure they are the right fit for you and can create your dream video!

Get in touch If you want to chat about my style and what I can do for your wedding day, or check out my films here to get an idea of how I put together all of the memories from your wedding!