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Meet Adam Spark-Hall




Adam Spark-Hall, wedding videographer at South Farm wedding venue.

before cordially inviting me to film your wedding it’s important you feel like a friend is there behind the camera, so here’s a little about me:

A little about me

A laid back 32 year old currently living in a lovely little coach house with my fiancé Cat and our little cavapoo Miley. My parents live in France and my brother and sister in Canada, so we’re a little spread out!

I once sold my home to travel the world

In 2017 I quit my job and sold the home I owned in Hitchin to travel the world alone for 9 months, visiting 11 different countries. It was a bit of a mad decision but I knew I wasn’t getting any younger and travelling was always something I wanted to do, so I went for it. From Skydiving in New Zealand, to swimming with Reef Sharks in Fiji, Riding through the streets of Bali on a scooter, floating down a river with beer in hand in Laos, and hiking the Inca trail with my sister in Peru to see the magnificent Machu Picchu – I had such an amazing time and collected memories I will cherish for a lifetime.

This is where I first found my love for filmmaking as I documented my travels on a GoPro. I edited everything on my laptop while I was away and learnt as I went along. I remember sitting in a bar with slow internet in Cambodia for about 6 hours whilst my first video uploaded – a few beers were consumed to say the least! I had never filmed or edited before, but it became something I loved. 

I’m inspired by the minimalist way of life

I don’t like to be weighed down by unnecessary ‘stuff’ and find less things in my life help me to keep a much clearer head. I am a collector of experiences rather than things and believe film is a lovely way to preserve those memories. This carries over to my filming on the day, which is why I don’t have loads of gear. I bring only what I know I need and so then I can be fully present and focused on creating your beautiful wedding film.

I’m a bit of a personal development geek

Since picking up my first self-help book after my travels, I’ve become slightly addicted to them. Books are what gave me the drive to start my business in the first place, and they’re also to thank for the growth I’ve seen since officially registering as a business in 2019. As a business owner I’m super ambitious and always looking for new ways to improve how I run things not just in the business but in my day-to-day life so I’ve always got a book on the go and I’m always learning new things!

my approach to filming

As you’ve probably guessed, my approach to filming is minimal and non-invasive.

I like to be as discreet as possible. The last thing you and your guests want on your wedding day is to feel intimidated by an intrusive camera rig, accompanied by a fluffy microphone and the glare of a bedazzling light shining in your face.

As such, I film the majority of the day hand-held with a small Sony camera (see picture – yep, that’s it!). In doing this, I can blend into the day without disturbing the romantic environment you’ve so carefully designed. I also find that this inconspicuous approach puts people most at ease upon being filmed, allowing me to capture candid, spontaneous emotions and moments. I can focus all of my attention into the nuances of your day, without having to operate complicated camera gimbals.

I also use tiny clip on microphones which ensure you the best audio quality of your vows during the ceremony, and of the speeches later on, promising that not a single joke or anecdote is missed.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, please feel free to get in touch.