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Being able to rewatch your wedding over and over is a great investment, so it’s well worth putting the energy into finding the perfect videographer for your big day. Using my experience as a Hertfordshire based wedding videographer, I’ve put together 7 things to look for when searching for your wedding videographer.


Couple just married leave church with confetti chucked on them by their guests



Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, so you want to make sure that you click with your chosen videographer. Making sure you have a good vibe with your videographer should be top of your list, as this will let you feel comfortable around them throughout your day. Personality is key when deciding on your videographer, especially if you are looking for some fun and creative shots.


Who’s filming?

Get to know who is filming your wedding, have they filmed a lot of weddings, or are they just starting out? Have they been to your venue before, or worked with your other suppliers at a previous wedding? Get to know the person who will be capturing your day in detail. Also, if your top choice is a new videographer, don’t let that worry you, they can often bring some fantastic energy to your wedding day.


Adam at South Farm



Each videographer will offer something different to their clients, it could be a highlight reel, BTS (behind the scenes) video, a cinematic trailer to share on your socials, or a documentary style video. Decide early on what you want from your videographer and bear that in mind when narrowing down your choices.



As with the deliverables, the pricing of a videographer package is going to vary. When looking you shouldn’t set out to find the cheapest, or most expensive option. You should aim to find the videographer that offers your perfect package within your budget. Agree on what you need from your videographer and keep that at the front of your mind when looking, you will probably find that it’s more affordable than you thought.


Delivery Time

Always ask when you should expect to get your video back after your wedding day. Historically it can take 6-8 weeks, but this will vary between videographers, and how busy the season is. It’s great to have a rough idea of a timeframe from the beginning so you can put your mind at ease whilst waiting. If you want something back in a quick turnaround, that will factor into which videographer is the perfect choice for you.


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When checking out potential videographers portfolios (make sure you are asking for previous wedding videos to view) check out the quality of the audio. If you are looking for something in the style of music over the visuals it doesn’t matter too much, but if you want to relive the speeches and vows, audio is a very important detail! Ask to see video examples that match what you are looking for.


Personal Style

Just like photographers, videographers have their own personal style. When planning your wedding have a discussion on what your style is ith your partner, and look for a videographer that compliments it. This will ensure you have a video that reflects your wedding day beautifully and is a joy to rewatch.


I hope this helps you in your quest to find your wedding videographer. If you have any further questions about picking your videographer, please get in touch to chat some more. You can check out my films to see my personal style, or learn more about me here.

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