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We may already be four months into 2021, but with wedding season just around the corner, you may be wondering what trends you should be aware of. Adam from Creative Spark Films (that’s me!) has put together a list of six wedding trends for 2021 that you should know about! From food to clothes to venues, I’ve got you covered.


Weekday Weddings

Weekday weddings are on the up this year, especially as not all weddings are going to be the big events they used to be. Not only will it open up the venues that will fall in your budget, but it could mean more availability with your dream suppliers. Venues are looking to the future, hoping to fit in as many happy couples as possible who have had to postpone (sometimes multiple times), many venues are offering weekday packages, so it is well worth reaching out to your top venue choices.



A lot more couples are conscious of making more sustainable choices when it comes to their wedding day. An easy way to do this is to use suppliers that focus on sourcing their products locally. A florist that uses English seasonal flowers, or a venue/caterer that sources local produce are top things to look out for. You will find it doesn’t cost a whole lot more, and looks just as good – maybe even better! Hannah of Green Soul Weddings is the queen of all things sustainable and she planned the shoot below that I was honoured to film. Be sure to speak to her if you’re interested in sustainable wedding options.


More Intimate

With a push for more micro weddings and smaller guest lists, you will find your wedding has a more intimate feel. Gone are the days of struggling to talk to all your guests, as you pick those dearest to yourself to help you celebrate. Another option is to choose a more intimate setting to match your smaller guest list, perhaps a family-style dinner and cocktails after the ceremony sounds perfect to you? Or even a shorter day overall, especially if you opt for a weekday wedding.



More and more people want to get married outside, and with there being more space for people to keep a distance, it has never been a better time to fulfil that dream. Taking advantage of the daylight will give you some beautiful shots fo your wedding film, whilst your guests enjoy lounging in the sun. A firm favourite for 2021 is to recreate a lounge vibe for households to sit together in comfort whilst they sip on their cocktails.




By having a smaller wedding/guest list, you can be more individual with your choices. You are unlikely to want to share food with people in 2021 due to restrictions, so options like buffet foods and one large wedding cake are being pushed to the side. Many cake suppliers can create beautiful mini cakes, or cupcakes, meaning you can give every guest their own cake, or dessert. By choosing individual food, you can be more flexible or creative with your choices.



This year is going to be all about minimal, simple weddings. Couples will be spending less time planning, instead choosing elegant, but simple florals and beyond. This will even be reflected in the wedding dress, with a simple elegant dress being a big choice for 2021 brides to be. Couples will be choosing to be more thoughtful with their budget, opting for fewer things, but better quality, for example, simple handmade invitations/stationery.


If you are planning your 2021 wedding and are looking for a videographer to capture it so you can share it with your friends and family get in touch with Adam today!