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When planning your wedding budget, you might wonder if you need a videographer. You already have a photographer, so why the extra cost? With my experience in wedding videography, I have five reasons that I’m sure will convince you that hiring a videographer is actually a worthwhile regret-free investment. So sit back, grab a drink, and read my five simple reasons you should change your mind today!



1. It probably costs less than you think

You’ve already booked your photographer, so I understand if you are finding it hard to justify hiring a videographer as well. You might be worrying that a videographer could cost more than your photographer! However, most videographer and photographer packages tend to be in the same ballpark (although package prices can vary), so you will probably find that’s rarely the case. It’s always worth having a look around and enquiring with local videographers to see what packages and prices they offer, they may just surprise you!



2. You get to hear everything

As your videographer, I will film everything, from the vows to the speeches. Not forgetting all the special messages and funny moments in between. These will be captured in a way photographers can’t, letting you hear those moments over and over! Speeches, in particular, are great fun to film and rewatch, meaning you can appreciate it differently after your wedding day – especially as the speeches may speed by! Hearing your friends laughing and joking, or Uncle Ken singing is something truly special and fantastic to rewatch on a special anniversary.


3. A memory to show your children

Whether you already have children or are planning on starting a family in the future, a wedding video is a brilliant thing to be able to show them. Your children will love watching your wedding day when they are older – all whilst laughing at your hair and music choices! You can even treat your wedding video as an heirloom, passing it on to your grandchildren and beyond. Video’s capture people in a way that photos just can’t, letting future generations see the younger you partying away!


4. It’s shareable!

There are always people that you wish could make it to your wedding day but can’t, either they live on the other side of the world or are just too unwell on the actual day. By having a wedding video you can share, everyone can feel as though they were at your wedding. Even better, they will have a front-row seat, enjoying the day alongside the other guests. On the flip side, should you choose to elope, or just have a more intimate wedding (2020 I’m looking at you), this will allow everyone to see your day, even if you couldn’t invite them!



5. Capture all the unseen moments

After planning your wedding for months or even years, your wedding day will fly by! Between greeting all your friends and family, and then catching up with everyone, there are definitely going to be moments or jokes you miss out on. By hiring a videographer you can witness all these natural moments between your loved ones, especially as I aim to capture your day as unobtrusively as I can – this lets you feel more involved after your wedding day. When you are watching your wedding back I want to make sure you can relive the beauty all over again as a mini-movie, rather than just a clip show!


If you are still on the fence about hiring a videographer (and how can you be?) then please do chat to me about your wedding dreams. I am passionate about capturing your wedding on film in the most natural way possible. So, if you are looking for a wedding film that reflects the emotions of your day, let’s talk about how I could be the perfect choice for you!